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Vins fins d'Alsace - France


Winegrower's work



It is the time during the winegrower cuts his vines. The type of cut is the simple or double Guyot. This work consists in selecting the vine shoot which will carry new harvest. This operation is delicate and must be made by qualified personnel.

The branches are being cut on the ground to be crushed, or they are put into the machine to burn them. Tip : ask to pick up some branches because the branches of vines always brings an advantage to cooking barbecue in summer.


March and April:

To begin, we go out all the rows of vines to control repairs if necessary: replacement of tutors, tension and possible repair of iron son who will bear the branches.Eventually the vines are linked and rods are bowed overcoat size wire holder and attached to the lower thread.We take the period prior to the regrowth of buds each year to replace the missing vines.

In May start suckering and pruning. This is to remove the "greedy" (unproductive shoots that fruitlessly through the grapevine).

Around the month of June begins the vine protection against disease. Aware of our environmental responsibility, each intervention in the vineyard is done by applying the principles of viticulture.

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From June to September:

The branches are directed upwards and along a fence, this manual work is used to raise the vegetation on palisade cables. That way, the vines benefit from increased exposure to sunlight.

The tips of branches are then cropped on top and sides, to prevent the nutrients from the vine to go to the ends to the detriment of grapes..

Sometimes it is best to make Green harvest: the grapes must be removed excess. This will reduce the efficiency of future harvests, but the quality of the remaining clusters will be better.

Finally, in August, we remove some leaves for a better ventilation of the grapes and it prevents rot in wet weather.


From October to December:

varying by year, late August or early September, the harvest starts in lands reserved for the production of Crémant d'Alsace. Each year, the harvest date is fixed according to maturity by professional bodies after maturity checks done in the vineyard.

Here, we conduct our own inspections of maturity in all of our plots of vines. It is only when we see that maturity of each variety is good that we harvest.

The harvest will extend until October, and sometimes for late harvest until December.


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